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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. terror takedown. details about the two women who allegedly plotted a terror attack here on u.s. soil as abc news learns more americans are under active surveillance for possible ties to isis and a 14-year-old arrested for plotting a terror attack in great britain raising worries about the use of children. >> severe storm alert. snow and heavy rain bringing relief to the drought-stricken west and moving east possible hail and tornados from dallas to chicago. ginger with the latest. >> spring break horror story. a family fighting for their lives, poisoned at their luxury resort. the justice report investigating how this dream trip turned into a nightmare.
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>> furious 7 races to a victory at the box office smashing records. one of the biggest opening weekends ever. how the blockbuster is bringing paul walker his final big screen triumph. and we do say good morning, america on this monday morning. hope everybody had a happy easter and passover. and college basketball weekend, both the mens and women's teams getting ready for the championship games. take a look at duke freshman. look at that. carmine gaball. making it look tiny. >> like a tennis ball. >> duke will take on wisconsin in the championship game tonight and tomorrow night uconn and notre dame. >> let's get to the latest on the terror threats in the west.
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british teenagers arrested over the weekend and learning about the women plotting an attack here. the families speaking out and brian ross has the latest. >> u.s. authorities say the parade of young americans allegedly prepared to sign up aster rest is far from over. many under active scrutiny with undercover agents and electronic surveillance being used to gather evidence to warrant arrests. this morning the family of this new york woman, noel is crying foul. her husband told local station new york 1 that his wife the mother of two young children was entrapped by a female under cover agent posing as a terrorist. >> they came every sunday and went out to a restaurant to eat. >> the prosecutors say the woman and so many more including one of her friends in new york and a third woman in philadelphia were seduced by online isis propaganda videos like this one.
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which increasingly featured children at the scenes of executions in service of a you taupe yan islamic state. the often gruesome videos resonate in ways that counter terrorism authorities are at a loss to explain. >> this messaging is having the impact of recruiting people who are potentially susceptible to the messages. >> a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl arrested by police last week on suspicion they were preparing to carry out terror attacks. but nothing concerns u.s. counter terror authorities more thn morning than the chaos in yemen where al qaeda pulled off a prison break that freed hundreds of its fighters. there's are not wanna be terrorists but dedicated murderers whose sole mission in life seems to bring down a u.s.
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aircraft as he nearly has done at least three times. airports remain on high alert because of the presence of seeing the resurgence there in yemen. >> now to the boston marathon bombing trial. closing arguments in the high profile case. then it will go to the jury. if the accused bomber is found guilty the same jury are the people who will decide if he receives the death penalty or spends the rest of his life behind bars. abc is at the courthouse. good morning tom. >> good morning to you. in just a couple of hours closing arguments will start and the jury will take a long list of the charges. they have been told to focus on the facts, even though some have been taking notes in between tears. the five-week trial of alleged boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has been graphic.
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they have spent 15 days making their case showing surveillance videos like these. dzhokhar in the white hat walking away from the bomb he planted just moments before it detonates and this video showing a chinese businessman running for his life after he says he was car jacked by dzhokhar and his younger brother tamerlan begging to call 911. jurors seen a pressure bomb up close but also hearing a fingerprint analyst saying he found no are finger prnts from dzhokhar only tamerlan's. judy clark fought to keep clients the uni bomber and susan smith off death row. the defense resting after six hours of testimony. dzhokhar did not testify. his lawyers admitting he played
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a part but tried to show tamerlan was the leading man. >> the defense shows the picture of dzhokhar following tamerlan through those pictures showing he was just a follower. >> the jury made up mostly of women will decide dzhokhar's fate and bigger questions remain. if found guilty will this same jury sentence him to the death penalty? now, the jury will weigh 30 criminal counts against him. 17 of which carry a possible death penalty sentence. >> we move to the white house an president obama on offense moving on every front to sell congress and critics on the nuclear deal with iran. in an interview with the new york times obama called the deal a once in a lifetime opportunity but acknowledged the challenges ahead. >> we're not done yet. there are a lot of details to be worked out. you could see backtracking and slippage and real political
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difficulties both in iran and obviously here in the united states congress. >> martha raddatz joins us from washington. this is a complicated balancing act trying to close the deal with iran and buy time with congress. >> it sure is george. so many details to be worked out. this has a long way to go. congress is concerned about lifting sanctions right away if a final deal is signed. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee planning a vote that will delay lifting sanctions and allow congress to review an agreement. president obama says congressional involvement is okay but doesn't want any legislation that would kill the deal before it is signed and in iran the supreme leader gets the final say and right now there is a big domestic push by iran's president to make that happen. >> meanwhile, you spoke yesterday on this week with the israeli prime minister store, he's not backing off one bit. >> he isn't. prime minister netanyahu insists
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this is a bad deal. that it paves the way for iran to get a bomb. he was not saying war is the war, although that is the unspoken threat whether israel could do that alone or not. he says that the americans and others should be pushing for a better deal that closes down iran's nuclear program all together. it's going to be an interesting couple of months. >> thanks. >> now to that rolling stone magazine report about an attack of a female student. the charlottesville police finding no evidence to support that claim. now an independent investigation is revealing its findings. abc has all the details for us. >> good morning, rolling stone is retracting it's rape story after its devastating review by the columbia university graduate school of journalism. both of them published in the pages of rolling stone.
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columbia concluded that rolling stone failed to engage in basic even routine journalistic practice before publishing its story about a gang rape that a student claims she was subjected to at a uva frat party overnight rolling stone retracted the story but did not fire the reporter or editors. the piece was a bombshell with more views online than any piece rolling star has published. the local police found no evidence to back up the student's claims. >> no witnesses, no victims. >> now columbia is giving the magazine a lesson in journalism 101. simple things that could have prevented the fiasco. including the reporter and editors failed to check the most basic details of the story, failed to give the accused a fair opportunity to respond and allowed their trust in one source to override the basic journalism. >> all of the checks and balances on the story failed in this case. >> the scandal has tan niched
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the reputation of the magazine and more recently brought down the army general commanding u.s. troops in afghanistan. publisher says the problems with the piece start at the source accusing her of manipulating the magazine's journalism process and appeared to lay the blame on our door step. the uva issued a statement noting irresponsible journalism unjustly damaged the reputations of innocent individuals and the university of virginia. no word from the fraternity identify cap pa cy. the reporter herself calling the review of her work a brutal and humbling experience and offering her aapologies to rolling stone readers. to uva and to the victims of sexual assault. from top to bottom a case of journalistic malpractice and not surprising if this opens the door so some lawsuits, george. >> you're right. you read the report and hard to
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imagine how it got in the magazine in the first place. much needed rain hitting california days after the governor imposed mandatory restrictions on water for the first time. ginger how much will this help? >> that's the thick. we need inches of steady rain. that's not going to be the storm. but anything at this point is helpful. we see more striking images like this. a lake between sacramento and redding, now but a creek. let me show you the numbers. almost a foot below average as far as this year for redding, san francisco has had less than two inches. they should have closer to 11 inches or 13 actually. the stormy west looks great for folks. they say this looks good. northern california going to get a lot. 1/10 to a half inch from l.a. to san diego. the purple is going to help. one to two inches.
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great for california but by the time the storm gets going tornados and hail by wednesday. this is the bad part of that storm. we'll take the good part out west. >> thanks ginger. let's go to amy with the other top stories. a scary and dangerous prank in the new york subways. >> it was a frightening moment caught on camera. the nypd is investigating after this video showed a subway train pulling into a station and there you see a small explosion going off. a group of teens had apparently placed a piece of metal on the tracks as a prank and this apparently is not the first time it happened. nobody was hurt but subway officials call this prank extremely dangerous sayings the uncontial vandals endangered the lives of our customers and employees. delayed service for more than one hour. breaking overnight, indianapolis police searching for a gunman who shot and injured five people including a mother and three
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young children in serious condition. they believe the suspects and victims knew each other. no word on a motive. the manslaughter trial for a cleveland police officer charged at firing 15 shots at two unarmed suspects killing both of them. the offers search claims he was afraid for his life that he doesn't remember jumping on to the hood of the suspect's car and firing into the windshield. the car was riddled with bullets and with a high speed chase. the fiery scene on a florida highway. a 20-foot motor home engulfed in flames. a passing drive pulled over add saw a foot sticking out of a window. he helped to get them out before the fire spread to the rv's propane tank. the man who came to the rescue just so happens to run a business called the rv doctor. well the, u.s. ambassador stabbed in the face arm and
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hand in south korea is getting help in his recovery. mark lippert is wearing this futuristic arm and hand brace that allows him to move his hand. he says it's quite comfortable and has made a huge difference because he can hold things in his hand as he recovers. it's opening day in major league baseball. new rules and security measures. let's talk about the new food. take a look. want a hot dog? the krispy kreme donut hot dog comes with bacon and ras perry jam on a bun. or you can see it serves as a birthday cake as well. and in d.c. this eight-pound, yes, i said eight pound burger sells for 59 bucks and comes with a pitcher of soda or then there is the pulled pork par fay in milwaukee. what would be better instead of
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yogurt and granola. >> that does sound good. >> you have to do more than stretch during the 7th inning. >> that's true. i'm so glad you didn't bring any props. >> not at 7:00 a.m. >> no. later. >> you know you and i would have tried it. you know i would have. >> thank you, amy. >> march madness time. robin you were talking about it earlier. the tournament heating up. the big championship game tonight of course. duke taking on wisconsin after the badgers ended kentucky's dream of that perfect season. it is now a battle of two basketball giants and abc's alex perez has the lucky assignment in indy with all the excitement. good morning to you alex. >> good morning, lara. wisconsin and duke fans invade indianapolis over the weekend and every one here is excited. the day they have been waiting for all season is final here. it's the battle of the big boys
7:16 am
wisconsin's badgers taking on the devils and battling it out for the top spot. the player of the year going for a title in his last year. >> to be the best you got to beat the best. >> the blue devils taking home the trophy four times. a powerhouse team with giant players including marshall plumly and tim cook the badgers pulling off a upset saturday night wiping out kentucky trying to become the first undefeated champs. until this nail-biter they had fans on the edge of their seats and over 22 million people watching it on tv. the largest audience in 19 years. duke's the third to play. opting out of his brother's nba path choosing to go to the army instead. >> as you were watching what
7:17 am
was going through your mind? >> they're tough, talented well coached and we really had our work cut out for us. >> and oakle for has been ruling the court. this photo palming a basketball went instantly viral saturday. >> and whether it's wisconsin or duke i can tell you these fans are prepping for a major celebration tonight. are you guys ready? >> yay! >> robin. >> they certainly are ready. wisconsin was ready and have been playing well at the right time and kentucky its first loss. that's tonight and tomorrow night the women take center stage in tampa. it will be connecticut going for its tenth national championship. a rematch against notre dame. notre dame in its fourth championship game in five years. >> two nights. >> two nights in a row. you know me well. lara will be doing it too.
7:18 am
that rain you were talking about earlier causing problems elsewhere. >> now we have got rai're talking snow the day after easter sunday in central minnesota and northern wisconsin. south of the stationary front it's mild. 60 in indianapolis and 70 in same time louis. we're talking about severe storm action wednesday and thursday, it's snow 3 to 6 inches right through there. let's get you the select stills. good morning everyone, david murphy here with
7:19 am
an update from accuweather. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan, pretty picture on sky 6 too. temperatures cool in the low 40s in the immediate region right now. but in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a gorgeous day for baseball, phillies open to the tune of 71 degrees this afternoon. we'll hit that around 4:00 p.m. on or about 70 throughout the home game at citizens bank park. tomorrow mild, 69 and spotty showers around and then cooler. investigates a dangerous pesticide used at their resort. >> caught on camera. car wash car jacking. a woman jumps on the hood of her car and how a good samaritan stood? >> and incredible survival story this morning. >> furious 7 smashing box office records. is paul walker's finale going to
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>> good morning everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:26 mud, we have a -- monday, we have a brand new accident to tell you about. here's karen. >> reporter: we have a vehicle facing sideways, this is lower gwynedd township montgomery
7:27 am
county 309 northbound past norristown road. it's off to the side. we have light volume through the area, it's not creating a problem because it's on the shoulder. watch for this accident a few vehicles involved, police and penndot on scene. this accident cleared street road westbound near davisville road. we have an accident on the susquehanna road in upper dublin. you may see more emergency workers coming to the scene right here. i-95 we've been jammed much of the morning southbound traffic jammed from cottman to girard. an earlier accident ramp to girard avenue that cleared. >> live picture from our camera temple university, i know some people sleep walk through half your monday, but david murphy seas accuweather will wake you up today. >> reporter: as we look at temperatures we're off to a cool start, 42 degrees, you can see how the wind is coming up from the south.
7:28 am
that's going to warm us up with the southerly breeze bringing in milder air. 71 is the high, if you have tickets for the home opener this afternoon you picked a great day for it, sun and clouds. tomorrow, 69 spotty showers at times i could see the morning commute damp and the evening commute, and tomorrow evening picking up steady rain. we're in the 50-degree range for the next couple of days. phillies open against the boston red sox 3:05 first pitch.
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. terror threats in the west. abc news learns more americans under active surveillance for possible ties to isis and 14-year-old on possibly plotting an attack. >> a vacation takes a frightening turn as a family takes ill hours into their trip. the government investigating the use of pesticides at that resort. >> a good samaritan's bold move caught on tape. >> when you see the video and people just jumping in and doing what they could. we say good morning, america on this monday morning. so many this weekend lining up to see new "furious 7." many wondered how many would handle paul walker's final moments on scene.
7:31 am
>> this is a huge blockbuster. we begin can the spring break nightmare with the family who became ill within hours of arriving on the island of st. john and a dangerous pesticide was used at their luxury resort. linsey davis is here with the story. >> good morning. we're talking about methyl bromide. it affects the nervous system. what makes it scary is it's typically not detected until someone falls seriously ill. this morning a department of justice investigation is underway looking into why members of this family are fighting for their lives. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> the esmonds were planning to spend a week but the vacation cut short only a few hours after they checked in. the entire family started feeling seriously ill without any warning. within hours all four were rushed to the hospital.
7:32 am
three of them on ventilateorsventilators. the couple's two teen boys suffering seizures. the epa say is methyl broemide may be to blame. the condo was sprayed with it to kill an indoor bug. >> it could damage your nervous system and cause long term and short term neurological problems. it could cause brain damage. >> on march 23rd the parents and their 14 and 16-year-old sons were air-lifted to u.s. hospitals. >> they're one of those families everyone wants to be around. it's horrible. >> terminix applied the pesticide which is legal but was banned for ago. term terminix saying they're cooperating and conducting their own thorough investigation in the matter. this morning the sons reportedly
7:33 am
remain in critical condition. steve is in stable condition and theresa has been released from the hospital. >> the questions were directed to terminix. terminix has halted all humigation. the epa is looking at other situations where they have learned the pesticide has also been applied. >> we are thinking of the family this morning. thank you. now to a dramatic car jacking caught on camera. the video showing a woman jumping on the hood of her own car. you see the alleged car jacker trying to make off with it. this happening in the atlanta area. someone comes to her aid shooting the driver likely saving her life. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: this is the frightening moment when a regular visit to the car wash turned into a wild ride. >> a person shot.
7:34 am
at fast track car wash. >> reporter: watch as the car jacker makes a move and tries to steal the car. >> oh my god. i never seen nothing like this. i'm shaking right now. >> the suspect slipping into the white honda and starting to drive off but not before the car's owner makes a move of her own jumping on the hood and holding on for dear life. the whole thing caught on camera. >> something could have happened because she wasn't letting go until that car would have threw her off. >> reporter: but the car didn't throw her off because someone jumped to their feet. a city worker getting his car washed pulled out his gun and shot the accused car thief in the shoulder holding him at gun-point until police arrived. the accused car jacker is a minor and this morning is recovering in the hospital channeled with aggravated assault and theft while police
7:35 am
look for the accomplishomp hiss. this morning they're calling the city employee a hero. >> she would have ended up losing her life. >> reporter: steve osunsami abc news, atlanta. >> quick thinking. >> sure was. we have another terrifying moment caught on camera. a snowmobiler buried by an avalanche. you could barely see him through the snow. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: watch the terrifying moment curtis johnson is swallowed up by this avalanche. nearly killing him. you can see it all unfold on his go-pro camera mounted to his helmet. for two minutes his friends desperately trying to dig him out. buried beneath nearly three feet of snow. you can see from the camera his visibility nothing but a blinding white and then --
7:36 am
>> are you okay? >> using their hands and shovels they were miraculously able to reach him. >> couldn't imagine what was going through his head when he was buried. it must have felt like two hours. >> reporter: every year more than 150 people die in avalanches worldwide. luckily for curtis his quick thinking friends had the tools to rescue him. >> everyone in the back country should have a shovel and a beacon. >> oh, no. >> reporter: in wyoming a similar incident captured on camera when sam robinson was snowmobiling and triggered and avalanche that almost took his life. >> it's almost fun to push the extreme but scary when the extreme pushes back. >> a good reminder for even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts. there are no limits to mother nature's force. for "good morning america" gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> that is powerful.
7:37 am
ginger, nothing that powerful right? >> nothing like that. we're goin neck -- next we start with spring breakers in florida. that's daytona beach. 79 for the high. much. southeast will have the storminess mobile to tallahassee. you can see the half inch press adding up. that's the southeast we're talking fire danger out west, albuquerque southwest of denver, all that is high fire danger. wind gusts are high, it's going to get with the storm that's coming across. spring-like temperatures. albuquerque, 76. he will 86. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, we're dry, a great day for
7:38 am
baseball, 71 is the high, sun and clouds, 69 tomorrow, spotty showers. make a big snow bunny and maine has the coldest temperatures ever recorded. all subzero. >> sorry maine. >> we're sorry. >> thank you, jung jer. edward snowden's surprise revelation. >> and the fast and furious film smashing box office records. how the movie kept paul walker's legacy alive.
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meet one today. visit adopt. back at 7:42 with a record breaking box office weekend for the fast and "furious 7." the latest installment taking in an estimated $143 million here
7:43 am
in the u.s. alone. it's the biggest opening weekend of a movie this year. t.j. holmes is in the social square with more. >> the star of a movie that just came out three days ago actually died a year and a half ago in the middle of production but technology kept him in the starring role. it's the biggest opening of the year but the ninth biggest all time for a franchise that cannot be stopped. ♪ >> this morning "furious 7" leading the competition in the dust. taking home about $384 million worldwide this easter weekend. the series best debut ever and a massive triumph for the cast that faced a difficult road to the finish line. >> the depth of your struggle will determine the height of your success. >> after paul walker's death the seventh installment went on with the help of walker's brothers.
7:44 am
reportedly using computer generated imagery to super impose his face on to their bodies to finish some scenes. >> i think he's looking down and smiling right now because we are 100% honoring him in this film. >> from commercials to bringing back a moonwalking michael jackson to perform at the billboard awards. ♪ >> cgi technology is breathing life into hollywood. so convincing you can't tell which ones are walker or his brothers in the movie. and keeping the legacy of one of the most successful franchises in history alive. even before this opening weekend the movie franchise made $2.5 billion worldwide. a lot of people who were watching specifically to see if they could tell which scenes were his brothers they could not tell. this could be the future of movie-making. they take a 3d scan of an actor
7:45 am
and god forbid something happens in the middle of production. you still have it on file. some actors can be forever immortalized. 20 years from now you can stick them into the movies. this could be the future of movies. in terms of the science guy here. i'm sorry. >> and a great tribute to him. congratulations to all of them. coming up on good morning, america "duck dynasty" and dancing sensation sadie robertson is opening up about her inspiring video that has millioning watching. she eelt be joining us coming up. >> and one man making lots of headlines right now. what he did when his wife couldn't join for the fun. lf we were like 'why?' and they were all 'to save you money on your rate plan' and i was like 'why?' and then sprint was like 'so you can spend money on stuff you want'. but, we have all the stuff. we're rich. where are we even going? a basketball game.
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let's go to amy in the social square. >> buzzfeeder with more than three million views when a trip to paradise looks like a bummer. take a look at kevin's face. there he is after winning a free trip. why does he look so glum? well he won this trip to the island get-away. but he ended up not being able
7:50 am
to take his wife and newborn daughter. his wife stayed home so he went with a friend. there you see him with his little girl. he decided to send some photos of himself not enjoying his trip to his wife with the waterfalls. look how sad he looks. snorkeling. still looks sad. you'll notice he has a drink in his hand. he'll still frowning. he was down in the dumps but trying to prove his devotion wishing his wife was there on the sunny trip to puerto rico. there he is sleeping. so sad his wife isn't with him. tell us what's in your feeds this morning. tweet us at #socialsquare. these are the photos he sent to his wife. what do you think the other photos were like? >> woo! >> what we're not seeing is her photos back. >> i still don't get it. >> i don't at all. >> why didn't she go and he stay home? >> yeah. >> we figured it out. >> yeah we got it. thank you, amy. coming coming up prince harry getting
7:51 am
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7:56 am
seasons. >> hey, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 monday april 6. let's see what's going on on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: we have a jam on the schuylkill expressway they are heading to work, this is the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching the boulevard from city avenue. jammed from boulevard to the gladwyn and jammed from the curve to montgomery. west conshohocken we have new construction it started this morning it lasts until april 17 closing balligomingo road between port handle road and
7:57 am
23 -- portland road and 23. they will do round the clock construction. we have an accident williams town north main street. septa regional rails new schedules took effect yesterday for most lines. >> taking a live look at atlantic city, new jersey where the ocean water temperature is chilly, 43 degrees the air temperature much different story, here's david murphy, good morning. >> reporter: it will be later on this afternoon matt, that's for sure. right now we have sun and clouds, take a look the air temperature is only 44 right now. you see the southerly wind bringing in milder air past sunrise and into the afternoon. today is great day for the phillies home opener. 71 degrees, sun an clouds. spotty showers tomorrow, mild, 69. the front slides to the past and sits there a couple of days. that will keep us cloudy and damp intermittent rain and drizzle. temperatures cooler wednesday
7:58 am
48 thursday, the front moves back to the north friday morning rain a nicer afternoon the weekend looks dry and not bad with temperatures in the mid 60s. the phillies open the season against the boston red sox, cole hamels throws out the first pitch at 3:05 at citizens bank park. # # [sfx: bell] [burke] the more you learn about your insurance the more gaps you may find. [burke] like how you may be covered for this... [burke] but not for something like this... [burke] talk to farmers and see what gaps could be hiding in your coverage. [sfx: yeti noise] ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and sadie robertson speaking out this morning. >> i struggle to compare myself to other people. >> why her powerful message of faith, jealousy and body image has millions watching. ♪ >> and harry takes oz. the prince swarmed by fans this morning as new video emerges as harry head over heels high in the sky giving a big thumbs up days before he's an uncle again. ♪ can't stop ♪ >> and the shark speaks out. robert herjavec opening up on dancing, divorce and overcoming depression. >> it got to a point where there was no tomorrow for me. >> how he got back on his feet and the strategy keeping him on his toes right now.
8:01 am
♪ >> and behind the scenes of black girls rock. >> hello. >> oh it's going to be a good show people. >> tracy taking us behind the scenes. will jada and the first lady take the stage? ♪ >> all that and more john crier with us live as we say -- >> "good morning america." good morning. there's john crier right there in times square here today to talk about his personal new memoir and got a lot of hollywood insider stories talking about everything from charlie sheen to demi. >> it's really fun. really good. >> looking forward to his conversation. just dance. check out those moves right there. >> there he is.
8:02 am
>> 6-year-old kenneth chan became an online sensation with dancing with bruno mars at a hockey game last week. remember that? ginger is going to give you some dance lessons. ready? >> it will take me years to even get close to those moves. >> george has a move just like that though. >> i gave it up when i was 6. >> also we want you to check out this picture. throw that up there. it's prince harry bonding with fans. he's in australia this morning. he just landed there. and about to become an uncle as you may have heard in a few weeks. we'll have the latest ahead on a royal baby number two. >> that's all coming up. let's get some news first from amy. >> good morning everyone. we begin with breaking news in the wake of the deadly terror attack on a university campus. kenya is launching air strikes against al shabaab in neighboring sew malia. they claimed responsibility for
8:03 am
the college attack in kenya last week that left 148 dead. one of the attackers is the son of a kenyan government official. president obama is defending the nuclear agreement with iran as he tries to win over congress. he called the deal a once in a lifetime opportunity that will bring stability to the middle east and he said would consider it a quote, fundamental failure of his presidency if the deal rendered israel more vulnerable. a interview with edward snowden taking tough questions from a comedian. john oliver traveled to russia and grilled snowden asking him if he read all the classified documents he leaked. snowden says he understands all the documents and recognized the harm they could cause but he said freedom comes with risks. rolling stone magazine has retracted and apologized for its story about an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia coming after a review from the
8:04 am
colombia school of journalism including the reporting, editorial supervision and fact checking. but they say neither the reporter or editor will be fired. prince harry is beginning a training session after wrapping up his public appearance scheduled for next month. he was greeted by hundreds of well-win well-wishers as he arrived to lay a wreath at the unknown soldier and he told a teenager that he hates selfies. as his military career winds down we're getting a glimpse of how much he enjoys the thrill of flying. this video released of harry in an aircraft having a blast as the pilot does a few tricks there. for all of you stay at home moms who don't feel appreciated, you are. at least by this guy in texas. he figured out how much his wife lori saves the family.
8:05 am
he figures childcare will cost more than $36,000 a year. cooking, another $12,000. housekeeping $5200. running errands $13,000. plus laundry and paying bills all together he estimates her salary should be $73,960 per year. i think these a conservative number. but very nice of him to do that. >> glad he put that nurnl out there. he's not the kind of guy to go on vacation without his wife. >> no. we're not going to give that guy a break this morning skblg we're not. >> let's go to lara in the social square. >> thank you so much george. a look on our "gma" morning menu. first in "pop news," the surprising new secret in the new season of mad men just revealed its hair-raising or should we say hair-lowering. we'll ex-plain and then sadie robertson is here opening up about her powerful body image
8:06 am
that has so many people talking. coming up robert herjavec speaking out about the struggles he's overcome to make it to the ballroom. and this guy! john crier is with us live. his new book is fantastic and we're talking about it coming up on "gma." so happy to see you. hi guys! re rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new
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8:09 am
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8:11 am
the music says it all. 8:11 and mad men came roaring back kicking off its final half season. something that did not come back is pete campbell's shrinking hairline. the photo of pete. this is from season one, guys. fans have noticed that the hair has gradually receded over the years which is in keep with the realistic setting of the show. it's all for -- there you can see it's starting to go. actor vincent karthizer has allowed pete to have a bigger forehead as the seven seasons have progressed. here's a shot at season seven at the premier. you can see right there it's a very brave red carpet look. so we want to say right now, no
8:12 am
need for rogain. just bring on the emmy for seven amazing seasons as pete campbell. thank you for one of the greatest performances. can you tell someone is excited that mad men is back? >> yes, you are. >> i love him. >> he's so good. they're all great. so this was exciting. most kids would just jump for joy if they were accepted into even one ivy league school. but for this boy it was a clean sweep. the high school senior from new york has been accepted to all eight ivies. his backups, mit, johns hopkins, vanderbilt nyu, just to name a few. how did he do it. two words, kids hard work. he came to the u.s. when he was 8 years old and studied his buns off while his parents held down jobs at target earning a gpa of
8:13 am
105. >> wow. >> 105. >> extra credit? >> yep. >> okay. >> his sat score of 2270 and start add college prep monitoring program. he says he's leaning toward yale hoping to go to medical school specializing in neurosurgery. when he learned he completed the ivy league sweep he sep brated by going to chipotle. >> let them bid up. >> he habit made any decisions yet but he does know what he wants to do. >> glad there are people like him in the world. >> we have educators from atlanta and hopped up when they heard this story. what? >> i was thrilled to celebrate that and exited to tell you about this. calling all muppet fans. it's time to light the lights. kermit and ms. piggy and fozzy bear will be back for a tv show a pilot has been ordered for
8:14 am
right here on abc. >> yay. >> sure to make a big bang. the reason i use that expression is that the cocreator of the hit sitcom is taking the helm. miss piggy's relationship with a certain frog is still on the rocks. the original muppet show ran from '76 to '81 glorious years of my childhood. >> it still holds up. thank you. >> let's go to ginger now. >> trying to find all the energy. tough to detect. because i think these -- you wanted to say hi to friends where?
8:15 am
this is tate from hamilton michigan and he said this is my track coach mr. spot. so mr. spot is tossing back into you guys. >> it is spring break for the teachers too. >> coming up we know sadie robertson from "duck dynasty"
8:16 am
and "dancing with the stars." now we're seeing a whole new side of her in a video she posted getting lots of reaction online. the star sharing a personal and powerful message about body image, drawing strength from faith and encouraging us to just be ourselves. >> my name is sadie robertson. >> it's the youtube video capturing the attention of millions. 17-year-old sadie robertson talking directly to the camera. >> because i want to tell you the reality of things. i struggle with jealousy and comparing myself to other people. >> we have gotten to know sadie as part of the flock on "duck dynasty." >> whoa. >> we've seen her shaking her tail feathers on "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> and strutting down a runway in her own fashion line but we have never seen sadie robertson quite like this. >> you know i'm this celebrity status but i'm just like every single one of you. i go through my struggles and my every day life just how y'all
8:17 am
do. >> stripped down no makeup or camera crews. just opening up about her own struggles. >> i look in the mirror and pick out the flaw which is embarrassing but it's true. >> sharing a powerful message challenging her fans and herself to live original as she calls it. >> don't look at somebody and say that's what i want to be because in reality, if you're seeking self-approval or human approval you're never going to reach your goal. you can only reach it by god. >> amen to that. and we are so happy to have sadie robertson with us this morning. you're watching it and said you had no idea it was going to take off like it did? >> absolutely not. i got out of the shower one day and kind of preaching to myself the message i needed to hear and my little sister came home and watched it. she was like sadie that's really good you should post it. so i posted it and the next thing i know i'm on "good morning america" talking about
8:18 am
it. >> you're just keeping it real. no camera crew or hair and makeup. i know that's very important to you in this message to be authentic. >> absolutely. i think it's like important for girls to know that it's like no matter who you are, what position you're in everybody struggles with insecurities and everybody compares themselves to somebody else if they want to admit it or not. and i wanted people to know no matter who you are you can't reach it by comparing yourself to others. i found by going through god was the best way to do it. >> i know some people are going to go c'mon, you have been jealous, you have felt insecurity but you want to say that we all feel that way. i know where you draw your strength. are there others too, that inspire you that you draw inspiration from? >> absolutely. my whole family is a huge inspiration to me obviously. i have the most amazing mom in the world who teaches me that. she keeps it real with me and she's so open with me that it helps and inspires me to be open
8:19 am
with the world. it's silly to not want to talk about it. because you never know who you can help or encourage. >> and you are helping a lot of people. you have been well received for the most part in being so open especially about your faith and there are some people very critical and there's a person who wants to know how you cope with that. she's on instagram and she said have you ever gotten personal hate for being a christian and how did you cope with it? >> yes. but the thing is it's like god is my rock. for me. i'm not saying that you have to live that way and i'm not saying that's what you have to do. for me, that's my comfort zone and gets me through life. i want to share my message. if it could help somebody then it's worth it. and people can hate on me but that's not the way they have to live. it's just what worked best for me in my life and how i'm going to live. i mean that's just who i am. that's just what i believe.
8:20 am
>> there are lot of people thankful for that and i know your family is important to you too. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you for the yes, ma'am. does it have to really be daddy approved the wardrobe that you wear? does he have to really -- >> this is what's silly to me it's like yes, of course, i want my dad to approve my outfits but i would never walk out in something that my dad wouldn't approve of. it's like even though it's daddy approved it's sadie approved first. i don't want to embarrass myself either just as much as my dad doesn't want me to go out looking skanky. >> you were supposed to be here last friday but you went to your boyfriend's prom and wearing one of your dresses. >> i loved it. it was so nice of her to do that for me. >> it's good for you to be here today. i know you're watching tonight "dancing with the stars." >> yes "dancing with the stars" tonight. >> mark i think you're pulling for him too.
8:21 am
>> she's 14 that's crazy. i was 17. i thought that was crazy. she's 14. >> can't believe they went younger than you. >> i know. it's crazy. >> to you watch it? >> i have been watching it. yes, it's weird to watch it and not be there. last year i would get so nervous every monday night and now i'm like i feel for them. i'm nervous for them. >> thank you. live original. >> yes. >> that's exactly what you are doing. thank you sadie. >> thank you. >> continue blessings going forward. down to george. >> next on our heat index. helen pouch sued her former employer for gender discrimination and now she's speaking out in an interview with yahoo's katie couric. >> once a junior partner at the tech world's premier venture capitol firm now a face for a fight for gender quality. in 2012 she sued her former
8:22 am
employer for $16 million saying they failed to promote her because she's a woman and later fired her. her story made headlines around the world giving a unique glimpse of what it's like to work in the heart of silicon valley as a woman. >> i have told my story. >> last month the jury of six women and six men rejected her claims of gender discrimination. in her first interview since the verdict she sat down with yahoo global news anchor katie couric. >> do you have any regrets? >> hearing so much support from so many people has been really rewarding and i think they realize this is something that a lot of women face. >> the jury found no discrimination but will the suit be a wakeup call for the technology industry? >> the total number of women partners in venture capital firms has declined significantly since 1999. why are we seeing this decline? >> there's less of a set of role models that you want to be. you don't see that many women or
8:23 am
african-american or hispanic ceos in silicon valley. >> you have a 6-year-old daughter. what would you say to her? >> it was hard but it was rewarding and you just have to look past the hard parts and keep going. >> let's talk about this with rebecca jarvis and tori johnson. ceo of women for hire. the jury decided this was based on her performance, not discrimination. but it started a whole conversation about the kind of discrimination women face in the workplace. the blatant and the subtle. >> and often times it's subtle and subconscious. i started my career in finance and i was always outnumbered but wasn't always an outsider. every business leader is talking about and look at their own institutions saying we have to have a greater awareness about this and figure out how to even the scales. also root out that subtle and subconscious unaware part of the sexism. >> you deal with the issues
8:24 am
every single day. a lot of women nod their heads at the stories they heard. >> and because ellen stepped up. we're talking about. talk can be cheap or bring about change. and if we want change i think it's up to each of us in our individual workplaces to identify those subtle but sometimes insidious behaviors. sure it's the man who cuts off the woman every time she's speaking in a meeting. it's the woman who is assertive and outspoken but labeled aggressive or bossy. it's the assumption that a mom can't hold a senior role because she's too busy with her kids. it's the decisions made among men in a board room or on the golf course when there are no women or minorities present. if you see that kind of behavior you have got to be willing to speak up about it and women can't carry the torch alone. member have men have to be a part of it.
8:25 am
>> will this lead to change? >> not only there is action but people think about the biases and the decisions they make and the things they say that may or may not sb intended to be that way. >> check yourself. >> that's right. >> you can watch the full interview on and tonight on "nightline." amy. >> a great conversation. next up on our heat index, the whole world is counting down to the royal baby's arrival and the due date is almost here. abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: let royal baby fever round two begin. with the late april due date just around the corner preparations for william and kate's new bundle of joy are in full swing. >> i think they're really excited about the new baby. i think prince charles is particularly excited. >> while dad, prince william, takes to the skies as a newly minted air ambulance pilot, mom duchess kathryn is now officially on maternity leave.
8:26 am
but the big question will prince george get a little brother or sister? gamblers if they get their way. the new sibling will be a girl. ladbrokes revealing they have their money on the princess. most of them predicting her name will be alice. >> that was the story over the weekend that kate and william had samples of pink paint sent. >> but uncle harry could miss all the action. touching down down under this weekend for a month-long deployment with the australian army. for "good morning america" linzie janis abc news london. >> bags packed? >> yeah. >> coming up shark tank star robert herjavec coming up. stay with us.
8:27 am
>> 8:27 police are calling the death of a woman in southwest philadelphia suspicious. the body was found inside a home along willows avenue at midnight. the medical examiner will determine how she died and if this is a case of murder. police originally responded to the home for a sudden death call. karen rogers has the traffic, good morning. >> reporter: we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway, a truck on its side. schuylkill expressway westbound in king of prussia right near mall boulevard. just the right lane is squeezing by at this point. you can see the number of police officers we have an ambulance on the scene penndot all on the scene with this new accident. the schuylkill expressway westbound is jammed from approaching gulph mills to mall
8:28 am
boulevard with the accident blocking all but the right shoulder. a problem here, report of an accident on the boulevard. northbound at bridge street. don't forget phils' opening day. the traffic will be bad, take the sports express train. gloucester county, 295 past 322 an accident here and fire on the turnpike northbound. >> it's going to get warm today. here's david murphy. >> reporter: if you have tickets for the home opener you lucked out. resign we have sun and clouds, take a look at numbers we're starting out at 44 in philadelphia. upper 30s in allentown and reading. this afternoon 71 degrees is the high. nice and mild, sun and clouds, spotty showers tomorrow, but still on the mild side, close to 70. we cool down with the front dropping to the south. 51 wednesday, 48 thursday and both days we could have periods
8:29 am
of rain. >> new efforts to curb illegal trash dumping in philadelphia. details at
8:30 am
what are you going to do? >> something dramatic i hope. >> let's go get in a fight. >> when the dust settles. the only thing living in the world will be me. >> woo! >> yes! age-old ultra. truly one of the biggest blockbusters of the year opening may 1st. looking forward to that. >> take a look at this superhero scramble. what do they mean when they put them together? you can check out some of your favorite stars on twitter and you will see the others and the big announcement tomorrow
8:31 am
morning on "gma." >> love the clues. also coming up emmy award winning act john cryer is with us revealing behind the scenes stories about his costar charlie sheen, his date at one time demi moore and in his new memoir. he talks about so much. very fascinating story. we'll have him coming up. >> okay. plus take a look at this. the cast of musical pulling off quite a surprise for l.a. fans who had come to watch the screening of the movie. the stars snuck in back stage for a surprise performance of their hit song "king of new york". >> what a treat. speaking of fun, kenneth, the uptown funk kid. oh yeah. he's here. moving. shaking. working it like no other. teaching us some moves right now. >> tell me first one is -- show me.
8:32 am
show me. ♪ >> i like that. kevin, you're from new york. 6 years old. way to go buddy. let's keep dancing. we'll tell them we're all set. >> he's got the moves. >> yeah he does. >> way to go ginger way to go. >> my shoes aren't quite as comfortable. >> you're saying what about you guys over there. let's get inside to george. >> we're going to keep the dancing theme inside as well with robert herjavec who is the breakout star with "dancing with the stars." you know him from "shark tank" as well. now he's opening up about the challenges he's facing on the ballroom. telling abc how he overcame depression after his divorce. ♪
8:33 am
>> he's the standout star dancing to a surprise even to himself. >> i wanted to get past week one. i didn't think we were going to last. >> but robert herjavec isn't lacking confidence with his next dance the waltz with partner kim johnson. for herjavec it's 2006 when his mom died of ovarian cancer. >> she used to talk about how great it would be if i was on the show. >> but the dance contender found 2014 to be a challenging year for darker reasons. >> you opened up to people magazine contemplated suicide after splitting up with your wife diane of 24 years. >> i got to a point where there was no tomorrow for me. >> it was weeks spent at seattle's union gospel mission that helped pull him out of a time of despair. >> what snapped you out of that moment? >> i saw so much pain so much
8:34 am
loss and grief but yet joy. it just stripped away everything for me and brought me back to a place of happiness. >> you have wealth you have fame. you have your health. you have three beautiful children. and "shark tank" you provide your guidance when it comes to people hoping to succeed in business. >> i'll give you the $200,000 for 10%. >> if there is someone out there in the similar situation what would you say to them? >> you have to have hope. i mean somebody loves you. it's never the end. and you have just got to believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day. >> these days robert is finding great joy dancing on the ballroom floor. >> i don't think this could have come at a better time in my life. ♪ >> the two of you seem to have this magical chemistry. >> speaking of romantic there's a lot of rumors going on about
8:35 am
you guys. >> this has sparked a frenzy amongst the media. would you care to set the record straight. >> she's a great dancer and friend. >> if you were in a relationship would you even tell us? >> no. it's more than just the dancing. i think we just get along great. >> is that your plane? >> that is my plane and my ferrari. if we win, this is yours. >> does that deal still stand? >> you know sometimes you say stuff in the moment because it seems so impossible that we would win but every week she reminds me of that. we'll see if we get to the finals. >> for "good morning america" abc news los angeles. >> "dancing with the stars" airs monday right here on abc. let's go to ginger for a final check of the weather. >> not only do we have kenneth with me but we've got these ladies from dallas. the tap dancers. why not dance a little bit more,
8:36 am
right? let's get started. we'll start in orange beach alabama, what a beautiful morning to start monday. that's wisconsin inches upon inches of snow. rain and beneficial snow for parts of northern california. might see a half inch tuesday and early wednesday. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: damaging up a storm -- dancing up a storm on time square. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're not dancing through any rain drops. temperatures in the 40s, 71 is the high, 69 tomorrow, spotty showers. # to you by home steps care.
8:37 am
keep going ladies. go. go. go. >> ginger thank you. it is a girl power monday on "gma" and we are highlighting the latest grass roots moment happening in schools across the country, screening the film the empowerful project. which celebrates positive women and we got to go to one of the screenings and discover the driving force behind the film. what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail? >> this is what an astronaut looks like. >> this is what a congresswoman looks like. >> have you ever had a dream for me? that dream is directing a documentary. >> what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail? >> meet the forces behind the new documentary the empowerment project. >> driving across the u.s. from los angeles to new york in a month. >> the project came from feeling frustrating with the media and the way it does and does not portray woman and the tv shows
8:38 am
and magazines. we felt like let's be at part of the solution and stop being a part of the problem. >> you profiled 17 strong successful women. >> it was just this beautiful puzzle. because amazing women are everywhere. >> i think when you hear stories of celebrities or ceos, that's all great but we don't relate. we wanted to make girls of the next generation feel like oh they're just like me i can be that too. >> and sara and dana are taking the project into schools across the country. >> tell me what it's like watching them watching your film. >> it's a joy and privilege. having a girl say i didn't know women could be astronauts. now i want to be an astronaut. that's what it's all about. >> we joined their movement at the leadership school in harlem. >> let me introduce sara and dana. >> asking this group of 7th graders that same question at the heart of the film.
8:39 am
what would you do if you weren't afraid to fail? >> i would become an artist. >> i would be a doctor. >> i would be a teacher. >> i would be in textbooks and everything. i feel like the movie just gave me the final push that i needed so that i can be -- >> whatever you want to be? >> yeah. >> awesome. >> this is what a lawyer looks like. >> this is what an executive chef looks like. >> this is what a future immigration lawyer looks like. >> this is what a future empowered woman looks like. >> this is what a future artist looks like. >> this is what a future judge of the supreme court looks like. >> what's the ultimate goal and dream? >> living it right now. >> it's true. we made this film to empower the next generation of female leaders. our goal would be to continue to film this in schools, corporations, anyone that would have us. >> and we have been asking you on social media this morning what would you do if you weren't awe afraid to fail? here's some of the favorite
8:40 am
responses. quit my regular job and be a full time zumba instructor. and gail says wear a bathing sult in public. love my body while doing it and rock it. and my daughter played football on her high school football team. failure is not in our vocabulary. you can learn more on our website "good morning america".com. i highly recommend it. it is so empowering for everyone. >> i was watching the little girls. you got a little girl. >> yeah. >> it's amazing what it's doing. yeah. >> oh, coming up, it's my turn. john cryer is here in times square. >> we were captivated. >> "dancing with the stars" on "gma" is brought to you by auto trader. find your car your way at auto trader.
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8:43 am
tt2wmrst.!@eo j# [w@ tt2wmrst.!@e!!án +w( tt2wmrst.!@e4!j# ]aé tt2wmrst.!@ex#á&ú:zo( tt2wmrst.!@et#j'ú:nol tt2wmrst.!@et#j)ú:e/( tt2wmrst.!@ep#jáú:r44 tt2wmrst.!@ep#j,ú:3nt tt2wmrst.!@el#á.ú::gx tt2wmrst.!@el#á0ú:!q0 hey, everybody. great to have john cryer with us. we all grew up loving him as ducky in pretty in pink and starring in two and half man and he's showing a new side of himself with a funny memoir. so that happen sd the title of it. where did you come up with that name john cryer? >> it was a way to describe all of this very strange things that happen to me in my career.
8:44 am
i -- when i realized that's what the book was going to be that's what the title was. >> what was the impetus? you have had a very long career. so many stories i remembered after only reading roles that you have done. and of course we all know the journey that you took on two and a half men. was that like now i've got to write this down? >> no. as we were beginning the last season of two and a half men. my manager said have you ever wanted to write a book and i said no. because writing a book is hard. >> it's really hard. >> it's really hard and they said people would be really wanting you to write a book now. i said i don't want to. i said if you could get me a book deal i'll write a book because i was sure they wouldn't be able to. >> that's how you have been your whole career. kind of sure things have happened. >> and i have had a career. >> you even reached out to
8:45 am
charlie about writing the book? >> yes. at one point he reached out to me and in the process of it i told him -- >> apologizing to you for a lot. >> yeah. a fair amount. but in the process of that i told him i was writing a book and i was sure that he would be like oh, but instead he was like that's great, man. >> does that surprise you? >> no it doesn't. there are times when he's very at home with his flaws. >> yeah. >> and that's part of his charm. >> and part of yours too, i dare say. you talk about this unexpected career that you have had. that you shouldn't have made it. in fact you were blessed with spunk and off kilter grin lousy posture. discolored teeth. zero muscle tone. a muffin top before they called it that and dandriff. of course you're a giant star.
8:46 am
>> inevitable. in the book part of writing it made me realize there is a point where you realize your flaws are what make you special. >> right. >> so that has been the greatest growing experience for me as a performer. >> never is that more evident than in your trying out for the role of alan a certain giant executive from a different network did not want you in that role at all. you were called like '80s baggage. that's what you called yourself. >> he said i had '80s baggage not that i was '80s baggage. >> slightly different. >> but an important -- >> distinction. >> no. >> but you stuck to the way you were going to do that, the neroces that alan had that you connected with in a spiritual way. >> it allowed it to flourish and
8:47 am
became this well of wondererfulness. no it became clear that the president of cbs at the time did not want me. in fact the head of casting for cbs called the producer of the show and said there are two words i don't want to hear and they are john cryer. but thankfully they let me audition audition. it was clear that when charlie and i worked together that the chemistry was there. >> the show continued to flourish without him. the other part i thought was fascinating were some of the roles you didn't get. really big roles. i want to play a game. cryin' shame. >> okay. >> these are roles that you didn't get. number one, nobody does the crane like this kid. you didn't get this role. >> nobody does -- oh the karate kid. i was not the karate kid, ladies and gentlemen. >> not the karate kid. we have you there. another role that you did not get was a colorful character he
8:48 am
didn't like his assumed name. he preferred purple. this was the role that you did not get that you talk about in a very big movie. >> wait. no. i don't know which -- what's the one? >> mr. pink. >> yes. i was not mr. pink. that was not me. >> not you at all. other role that is you talk about. you were up for chandler's role in "friends". >> yes. >> see how it works out. life is a funny journey. >> it certainly is. the book is about that life takes takes detours every now and then but your job is to learn from them. >> your writing really reveals that. robin and i both agreed we love the look. >> thank you, thank you. yes, god is taking my hair. so i said let's do this god. >> off the hair and on to the face. >> let's do this. >> it is a pleasure. best of luck.
8:49 am
everybody, so that happened is available in stores and online tomorrow. thanks for giveing it to us first. tuesday, april 7th. coming up tracy ellis ross takes us behind the scenes of the new [leaves rustling] are you day dreaming? hmm? yeah. about a luxury tree house? mmm hmm. with lookout decks for star gazing? yeah. cool! wait. how...? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. oh yeah! the wizard of oz with top prizes of $300,000. there's a full moon tonight! [male announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. jim kenney. son of a firefighter.
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first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
8:51 am
celebration of trail blazers. >> that's right. bet's fifth annual girls rock show aired last night and it was a great time for all. >> jada pinkett smith. sierra just a few of the stars hitting the white carpet for "black girls rock." >> we rock because of our influence, cultureness, spiritually. socially in this world. >> the annual award show a celebration of sisterhood. >> it feels like a love letter. like you're with the sisters,
8:52 am
your aunts, your daughters. >> it's an event that can motivate inspire and encourage girls to be great. >> leading the way, this year's host regina king. >> hello. >> and tracy ellis ross giving "good morning america" exclusive behind the scenes access during rehearsal. >> oh it's going to be a good show people. >> funny. >> black girls smashin' hollywood like venus and serena. >> and full of star power including performances by sheila e. jill scott and fantasia. ♪ >> and while no boys are allowed on stage, there was one exception. >> y'all just happy to have just a little bit of testosterone in the room. >> an emotional will smith presenting the star power award to wife jada. >> i just wanted to ask you how you're feeling right now. this is an incredible moment.
8:53 am
>> i'm so glad i had the opportunity to come together tonight. >> your mom and daughter are in the audience. what does it mean to be recognized in front of the two of them? >> my mom is my rock and so is my daughter and they both teach me so much. so it only made sense they would be here. >> also honored, selma director and legendary actress sis lee tyson. >> respect yourself and the world will respect you. >> and a very special guest for the first time ever the first lady with a message for all young girls watching. >> no matter who you are no matter where you come from you are beautiful. >> reminding them that black girls rock. >> we rock! >>
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by kellogg's special k. >> still want to dance. >> where's kevin? >> there he is. >> ludacris here live tomorrow. >> 8:56 now chopper 6 was just over an accident along the schuylkill expressway. a tractor-trailer overturned
8:57 am
near the gulph road exit in upper merion and a car crashed into the median. one person was taken to the hospital for treatment. this happened an hour ago but karen rogers says this is still affecting traffic. >> reporter: yeah, we showed it to you as soon as it happened on the scene. this is a different vantage point. you can see the westbound traffic, causing a problem near mall boulevard. i have a different shot that was chopper 6 moments ago now they are blocking all lanes westbound in the outer drive on the schuylkill expressway westbound near mall boulevard while they back up the heavy-duty tow truck clearing it out of here. the tractor-trailer on its side. schuylkill expressway westbound jammed from the blue route to the mall boulevard. accident in cheltenham, church road. it's been busy this morning matt. >> indeed. let's turn to david murphy for the accuweather warmup.
8:58 am
>> reporter: lots of sunshine on the terrace. we're still in the 40s that number may be jumping up, there it is, 49 degrees. in the afternoon, high of 71 degrees, nice and mild beautiful weather for the phillies home opener. tomorrow mild, clouds and spotty showers around, cooler wednesday and thursday, periods of rain there and getting warmer on friday. matt. >> thanks, david. we'll have a live report from citizens bank park to preview the phillies open day at noon. we'll following a search for the people who kidnapped a woman from a parking garage in center city and dumped her in a cemetary. michelle obama on "live" with kelly and michael next.
8:59 am
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announcer: from our nation's capitol, washington, d.c., it's a very special edition of "live! with kelly & michael" from the white house. today, first lady of the united states, michelle obama. and "nashville" star connie britton. and an all-star celebrity fitness challenge. plus, everything you ever wanted to know about 1600 pennsylvania avenue but were afraid to ask. all next on a very exciting and extraordinary "live." now, from the 137th annual white house easter egg roll, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] kelly: here we go! hi!


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